Howzit? I’m interested in learning more about the D&D Tarot. Here’s this week’s card I’m researching. If you have any insights, please discuss!

Character Identity: This is the first of several cards where I don’t know who is being depicted! Does anyone have good guesses who this is? I have looked at the art of several spell casters including Tasha, The Witch Queen and the Seven Sisters. I couldn’t see any matching identifying features, but maybe someone out there knows who this might be?

D&D History Meanings: There are interesting pieces to this card. I also notice she has gems that could point to the older system of using psionic gem magic. Or possibly dice, but I don’t see any d6 sized cube shaped gems. Her staff is also interesting as there is also a stone in the circular top, very unique compared to other staff we see wizards or sorcerers carrying around.

Tarot meanings: The High Priestess generally has symbols of the divine feminine, sacred knowledge and intuition. In the Rider-Waite Smith deck The High Priestess is between two columns of a mystical temple sometimes associated with the Temple of Solomon. It’s interesting in this card she appears to be in a forest between two trees.

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