Produced by Insight Editions, the tarot deck features both the Major and Minor arcana illustrated with fan-favorite characters of the Skyrim world.

Insight Editions announced a limited edition The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim tarot deck and accompanying guidebook, illustrated with unique art inspired by Bethesda’s RPG classic.

The company, known for producing various pop culture collectibles, introduced the set on Twitter, writing: “Let the lore and legend of Tamriel chart your path with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tarot Deck and Guidebook.” It also shared some images of the deck’s colorful packaging and six exclusive cards, only available in the limited edition.

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The 78-card tarot deck contains both major and minor arcana, with the six exclusive cards specially embossed with an eye-catching gold foil — though all the deck’s cards will feature a unique Skyrim-related illustration. Fan-favorite characters feature on the golden cards, with the likes of eccentric jester Cicero covering The Fool and High King Torygg displayed on The Emperor. A 128-page guidebook is also included and can teach fans the ins and outs of tarot divination, along with providing detailed information on the meaning behind each card and arcana. The guidebook is also illustrated with never-before-seen artwork from the game.

Chicago-based artist Erika Hollice drew all the illustrations. She previously created and released a tarot deck inspired by the fantasy world of Dragon Age. Only 2,000 units of the limited edition set have been produced, making it highly collectible. It retails for $35.99 and is only available via Insight Editions’ website. Pre-orders are open now, with shipping due to commence on July 26, 2022. A regular edition of the tarot is also scheduled to release on the same day and will be available at various retailers.

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The deck isn’t the only collectible players can look forward to, with MacFarlane Toys recently announcing a golden Alduin dragon statue to celebrate the game’s 10-year anniversary. The figure has a 15″ wingspan, ten points of articulation and comes with a base that allows two unique modes of display.

Despite being initially released in 2011, Skyrim remains incredibly popular, with the game now being available on no less than three generations of consoles. Fans of the series are some of the most dedicated in gaming, and the title is so expansive that there are still new side quests being discovered, even 10 years after the game’s debut. Bethesda hasn’t shared any plans about a follow-up, but fans are already quite sure of what they’d like to see in Skyrim‘s eventual sequel.

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