How does she do it? The Queen of Pentacles does it ALL, and she does it WELL. She excels at work, her iPhone screen always shows her at Inbox Zero, and she is always happy to advise her employees with whatever guidance they may need. She’s an excellent boss—and I don’t mean a #girlboss; she actually empowers people to do their best and leads by example without micromanaging. Then she goes home to her MOST PERFECT house, not annoyingly perfect like no one actually lives there, but an actually gorgeous place that feels good and welcoming. Like you just want to take your shoes off and curl up on her elegant yet surprisingly comfortable couch and just stay awhile as she serves you the most delicious soup (her aunt’s recipe that she perfected ages ago) and the fluffiest, crustiest bread she baked herself, in her spare time of course.

And you know what’s the best part about this queen and why we love her so much? She does it all without an ounce of pretense. It’s just how she is, and she will share all of her nourishing, cozy secrets with you, too, because what’s hers is yours! She just wants you to feel nurtured and taken care of whenever you are in her presence.

Queen of Pentacles Keywords

Generous, nurturing, welcoming, comfort, caretaker, practical, sensible, self-care, self-made success, homebody, hostess, share the wealth, prosperity, security, down to earth

The Queen of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Do you want to know the secret to this queen’s success? The REAL reason she can do it all? It’s because she knows how to take good care of herself! Self-care is key because if you don’t nurture yourself, then how can you nourish everyone else? She also knows to keep things simple and understands the value of her time, her energy, and yes, her money! The Queen of Pentacles knows how to live within her means and make the most of things, because she embodies the ideal that you do not need a lot of material stuff to feel rich (but sometimes that’s nice, too).

More importantly, the Queen of Pentacles can ENJOY her life because she has cultivated a work/ life balance that actually works for her. She’s not run-down or over-extended because she is efficient and practical. She’s able to be fully present in all situations while honoring her energetic limits. When she is working, she is committed to her tasks and the people she collaborates with or leads, but when it’s EOD, the laptop is shut and the phone is on “Do Not Disturb” so she can relax without interruptions. When you draw this tarot card, follow her lead and be inspired to find that balance within your own life.

The Queen of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Be present. If you are feeling destabilized and ungrounded right now, it’s because you’re thinking so far ahead that you’re starting freak out about the endless what ifs and what coulds you are forgetting to just be here now. Who knows what the future holds, so let’s just stop that right now, OK?! Your energy would be far better spent focusing on your own goals and checking in on your priorities. Wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be, so stop comparing yourself to others and what they appear to have (Does it really matter? TBH, no, it does not!). If you’re feeling jealous or insecure, this tarot card asks you to get to the root of where those feelings stem from and create a plan to get what you ACTUALLY want, rather than lusting over shallow status symbols.

Sarah Potter is a professional witch, Tarot Reader and practitioner of Color Magic, a means of using specific hues of the rainbow to conjure different energies and manifest personal transformation.

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