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Probably, all people have heard about tarot cards readings and understand it’s a kind of fortune telling when special cards are applied to discover answers for the most pressing problems. There are people who have special talents and use the cards to guide others. But what’s online tarot reading? In fact — the same. Psychics go on the web and consult people on platforms that have all the necessary means for communication. Intrigued to learn more?

Top Online Tarot Cards Readers

Service  ✅Special OfferBest for:
3 minutes for free for the first sessionEasy communication with a tarot reader to get life insights.
California Psychics
Up to 80% discounts for the first sessionAccurate predictions from the most gifted psychics
First 3 minutes are free for new usersProfessional online tarot readings of all kinds.
10 MINUTES FOR $1.99Spiritual guidance to achieve happiness and harmony in life
20 Minutes for $20 + 5 FREE minutesImmediate answers via your own phone.
$10 worth of coins after sign uplive webcam platform to get a spiritual advisor’s help.

Each tarot card reading site is discussed in detail below.


Great for: those who seek answers to love questions.

Type of readings: job, love, zodiac.

Specialties: all life areas.

🔥Special offer: 3 minutes at no cost; 50% off (discount limited to $50 per paid session, one-time offer).

best tarot readers onlineno face-to-face divination
various divination offeringsfew search filters
3 means of interaction 
millions of happy customers 
5-star ranks and comments 
24/7 availability 

What is Kasamba?

Kasamba has been providing people with solutions to the most vital issues for about 20 years now. It’s a service that has gathered qualified and acknowledged specialists to mentor people through difficulties in life. These are proficient and skillful individuals who use their talents to assist those who need help.

Go To Kasamba Website and Claim Your 3 Free Minutes

Once you sign in to the site, you see a number of directions people are interested in. For example:

  • love readings (cheating & affairs, breaking up & divorce, single & dating, soulmate connections, etc.)
  • tarot readings (angel card reading, cartomancy)
  • psychic readings (aura, remote viewing, crystal reading, rune casting, pet psychics)
  • dream interpretation

Once you pick the one you need, a list of professionals appears. Each of them would have their own expertise you’ll find in their profiles. Besides, you can see their photos, status (busy or online), the language they speak, how much they charge for a minute of chat / phone talk, info about their knowledge, expertise, and practice. In a word, you’ll have everything to assess their professionalism in tarot reading and conclude whether you want to contact them.

What does Kasamba offer?

In general, there are 2 main ways to start a talk with a person you want on the Kasamba site.

Online session. This one is for those who seek immediate answers and require chatting with a tarot card reader in real-time. For this very purpose, a chat was designed. Come up with a question that’s been bothering you and ask it in a special chat section. Wait for an immediate answer.

Offline session. This is about emailing your request. A spiritual advisor gets it and replies via email too. It usually takes not more than 24 hours to receive a reply. You can also use phone sessions and ask your questions during real time talk.

California Psychics

Great for: getting accurate predictions for the future

Type of readings: love, career, life path

Specialties: tarot, astrology, numerology, crystals, runes, I-Ching

🔥Special offer: get $20 to spend on the site after the registration

👍 Pros👎Cons
Callback optionNo video chat
Detailed psychic profilesExpensive top psychics
Easy-to-use mobile app 
Strict advisor selection process 
Points for every purchase 

What is California Psychics?

California Psychics is the online tarot card reading platform that has been operating for 25 years. Advisors of the service helped more than 2 million people find answers to disturbing questions and achieve harmony in their lives. A user can get accurate predictions and important insights into different spheres, including love and relationships, job, finances, etc.

Click Here To Get a $20 Bonus From California Psychics Website

California Psychics has a flexible pricing scheme allowing a person to pick one of the packages with the set cost per minute. The cheapest one is $1, while the most expensive is $4. To hire an advisor who will read tarot cards online for you, it’s necessary to sign up first and choose an expert.

What does California Psychics offer?

Multiple search filters. Once you decide to find a reader at California Psychics, you can use different parameters. For instance, it’s possible to sort advisors by price, rating, staff and customer picks, etc. Other search filters include:

  • Session cost per minute.
  • Topics.
  • Tools.
  • Abilities.
  • Style.

Online chat. If it’s more convenient for you to get online tarot readings using a messenger, choose an expert with the appropriate button. Connect an advisor, and they’ll give you the guidance you need.

Phone call. Press the “Talk” button to discuss things with a reader in this way. In case they’re busy at the moment, you can select the callback option or check their schedule to find out when they’re free to make a tarot session for you.


Great for: receiving answers and intuitive guidance.

Type of readings: all types (love, family, career, etc).

Specialties: tarot readings online.

🔥Special offer: free communication for 3 minutes.

👍 Pros👎Cons
thousands of talented guruslimited time of free usage
lots of services (love advice, career questions, astrological compatibility)no webcam connections
24/7 accessibility 
numerous ways of communication 
affordable pricing 

What is Keen?

Keen is a tarot reading online site that specializes in many subjects. It’s among the most successful platforms in the niche that has a few decades of expertise. The number of gurus working on Keen is impressive. Thousands of gifted people offer consultations daily. You can contact them any time of the day or night, no matter where you’re right now.

Click Here and get 3 Free Minutes for your 1st Session

There’s a possibility to use Keen for a free tarot card reading for a few minutes. The site gives such an opportunity because they understand lots of people can be suspicious and doubtful about trying such services. It might seem 3 minutes is too short, but be sure — you can learn a lot if you just give it a try. Clients who are first time on the site get 10 minutes of reading for just $1.99 if they understand they need more time to open up.

What does Keen offer?

Only top-rated Keen psychics. As there’s a great number of them on Keen, you have an opportunity to seek the ones that’ll suit your exact preferences and offer free online tarot reading through the search options.

The filters are the following:

  • Price. Choose any price from $1.99 to $9.99+ per 1 minute. $2-4 is the most common price advisors charge.
  • Star rating. All psychics are rated by other users. They evaluate them basing on their own experience and give an assessment (1-5). Choose the mark you consider appropriate.
  • Skills and Methods: clairvoyant, tarot card reading, empath, medium, affirmations, astrology (Vedic or Chinese), numerology, runes, dream exploration, etc.
  • Advisors with offers. Pick this filter if you want to find professional psychics with special deals. For example, it can be the first three minutes of free tarot reading or a discount.

Calling. It’s the 1st way you can interact with Keen psychics. Just click the “Call Now” button next to an expert’s photo. A call will be sent to the phone number on your account within a few seconds and all you need to do is press 1 to accept a call. There’s also a phone number to dial if you want to call directly from your phone. You’re charged according to the rate an advisor stated on the site. Your calls are never recorded.

Chatting. Talk with psychics in real-time via instant messages. Just choose who you want advice from and press “Chat Now” to begin. The price is always the same for both chatting and calling. You’re charged for 1 full-minute talk.


Great for: those searching for life guidance, inspiration, and support

Type of readings: romantic relationships, business, health, dream interpretation

Specialties: tarot, clairvoyance, numerology, mediumship, natal chart

🔥Special offer: 3 minutes for free for new users

👍 Pros👎Cons
Large base of experienced psychicsNo call service or video chat
Personalized horoscopes 
Convenient credit system 
Automatic zodiac profile generation upon signing up 

What is AskNebula?

Those searching for a good tarot reading site should try AskNebula for sure. Whenever you need advice on a complicated life situation or problems with your partner, you can count on the best advisors found on this platform. Some of the experts have over ten years of experience, so you may be sure that you’ll work with the most gifted people.

Go To AskNebula Website and Get Your 3 Minutes Bonus

AskNebula is an excellent place to start your spiritual journey as you can get a free tarot reading online. The first 3 minutes of a session are non-paid. To keep enjoying the service, you’ll need to fill your profile balance. The basic package with 150 credits costs $19.99. One minute of virtual communication with an advisor costs 30 credits.

What does AskNebula offer?

AskNebula is a straightforward platform with one contact method. Whether you need love tarot readings or advice on your family issues, you can connect with an expert via live chat.

Search option. AskNebula has plenty of advisors specializing in different spheres. If you want to narrow down your variants, use such filters:

  • Experience.
  • Language.
  • Areas of expertise.
  • A number of consultations.
  • Life sphere.

Detailed profiles. In case you need to get more information about psychics working with tarot decks, just visit their pages. There, you’ll find their rating, spheres of specialization, short bio, experience, skills and methods, and reviews.


Great for: those who need an immediate answer.

Type of readings: tarot.

Specialties: tarot, romance, astrology, money.

🔥Special offer: free bonus minutes with the purchase of an introductory package.

👍 Pros👎Cons
gifted, trained psychicsfew search filters to choose a psychic
2.5 million customersno video connection
customer service available 24/7 
live readings for as low as $1/minute 
confidential readings 

What is AskNow?

AskNow is a big psychic network. It helps to connect with talented and skilled advisors to find the answers about love, job, money, friends, dating, or whatnot. The website cares about its customers and gives up to 5 minutes of free tarot card reading to everyone who’s not satisfied with the 1st psychic assistance. So, you can find another advisor who’ll suit you better.

Go To AskNow Website and Get Bonus Minutes

How does the website work? That’s easy as AskNow is extremely user-friendly. Just select a psychic offered on the main page. There’s info about every advisor listed on the site — price, availability, rating, years of experience, languages, zodiac sign, credentials, etc. Press “Call” or go to “Chats” and ask any question.

What does AskNow offer?

Calling. Every time a psychic is available for calling, you see a “Call” button on their profile. You can ask any question. In fact, AskNow is very proud that its spiritual advisors are great specialists in a range of areas, including love and relationships readings, astrology, career and money, dream interpretation, past lives, guardian angels, etc.

Chatting. The same goes for chatting. Be sure, when you connect someone via chat, this person is real because every psychic is checked, verified, and tested by a highly experienced team. Only the best specialists in tarot reading get to work for AskNow.


Great for: those who prefer a video reading instead of a phone/text tarot reading.

Type of readings: tarot, love, angel, palm.

Specialties: tarot reading, rituals, energy, sound healing, numerology, clairvoyance, etc.

🔥Special offer: up to 9.99 free credits.

👍 Pros👎Cons
10 years of experiencelimited number of free features
thousands of users who have found clarityoutdated site’s interface
biggest spiritual community 
live webcam platform 
24/7 availability 

What is Oranum?

Oranum is a website that has one of the biggest communities of psychics and spiritual advisors. Moreover, it’s the only live webcam platform that allows users to video chat with psychics who specialize in a variety of life areas. You just need your computer or phone to get the answers. Stay at home, sign up to Oranum, and here you go — connect, get inspired, find guidance through tarot reading.

Get You 10,000 Free Coins at Oranum Website

What does Oranum offer?

Topics. You can choose psychics by selecting a topic you need at this period of your life. For example, you might be interested in the tarot of passion, clairvoyant cards, tarot of manara, palm reading, astrology, etc. Choose any category and you’ll see a list of advisors who might help you with your questions.

Live chats. Hundreds of psychics are waiting for you online. They’re live-streaming, and you can see them in your feed on the website. They have a webcam installed in their room that broadcasts a live video. Before you join a live chat, read the info about an advisor you got interested in. There are ratings and reviews too. Once you decide you want a tarot reading, click “Start private show”. Note that you have to be logged in.

Blog. There are hundreds of articles written by professional tarot readers, astrologers, and psychics to make things even more clear for you. Read everything about horoscopes, love and relationships, wellbeing, and many more in the Oranum blog.

What is tarot card reading?

The history of tarot cards prediction started many years ago, approximately in the 15th century. They were first used for playing games, but their function changed in the 18th century when people started using them for divination. Anyone could go to a tarot card reader, ask a question, draw a card and then receive the answer. A fortune-teller or a spiritual advisor would interpret the meaning of the card you withdrew. The process is very similar to the way it’s done today. However, nowadays, modern technologies allow reading the cards online too.

There are 78 cards in an online tarot deck. They’re divided into 2 main groups — the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The 1st batch is for something vital and meaningful in a person’s life, while the 2nd one is for more trivial things. Every card has its own meaning. Some people have their own deck at home for making daily decisions. They pick up a card of the day.

How does tarot card reading work?

It’s a huge mistake to think that tarot cards tell the future. They don’t tell you what will happen. But they tell you what might happen. The cards lead people rather than give them certain answers. If something is bothering you in any area of life (relationships, career, money, plans, etc), the cards are out there to guide you.

Online tarot card readings almost don’t differ from meeting a fortune teller offline. You only have to get in touch with one of the experienced tarot readers and ask a question. They’ll help you improve your life path by providing you with spiritual guidance.

Here are the explanations of some of the Major Arcana cards in online tarot reading:

  • The Fool. It brings a journey, new beginnings, recklessness. Sometimes this tarot card can be interpreted as a risk or potential. Anyhow, you should accept things with optimism and look for new opportunities in your life path.
  • The Magician. This one symbolizes spirituality and the reflection of heaven and earth, the outer and inner world, etc. Professional tarot card readers interpret it as the willpower and desire to achieve goals. It means that the time to start taking action has come.
  • The High Priestess. Psychics say that it means human wisdom and intuition. A person who has asked a question should listen to their inner voice and trust it. This card portrays a divine feminine who knows answers about things unknown. When the High Priestess appears, the tarot card reader may tell that it’s necessary to deepen your spiritual world.
  • The Empress. The woman painted on the tarot card is Mother Earth or Nature herself and she symbolizes femininity. In some cases, it means creativity and expression in tarot reading. You can also hear that you should take care of yourself and pay attention to your needs to achieve happiness and joy.
  • The Emperor. It’s all about leadership and control. Tarot readers interpret the card as success in case you act wisely and strategically. The situation you’re asking about is an opportunity to show your skills and expertise. Trust your online tarot reading and be confident and disciplined to reach your goal.

As to the procedure, there are peculiarities every spiritual adviser follows, and they might be different. But the very essence is usually similar — a person who needs guidance chooses a card, and the reader interprets them. Tarot reading is usually not that simple process and requires knowledge and skill as every card may mean many things.

Online tarot reading session includes the following steps from you and a psychic:

  1. Relaxing. Online tarot readings require you to clear your mind and totally concentrate on a problem that disturbs you. Visualize a picture of what is happening now to figure out what to ask.
  2. Asking a question. Focus on a subject you’d like to know more about during a tarot reading session. You can even imagine your phrase traveling from your mind to the tarot deck.
  3. Shuffling tarot cards. A psychic reader will listen to your question and spread cards. Basically, there’re a few ways to do this. They’ll either tell you to move cards or divide a deck into a few piles and combine them together.
  4. Pulling out. Psychic mediums make a tarot spread and take cards out of the received decks. They turn them face up and place them on a table.
  5. Interpreting. At this stage, tarot readers explain what each tarot card means for you and your situation. It can be life advice, warning, or prediction.

This is how the tarot readings work. Professional fortune tellers are able to give you answers to questions you find hard to get on your own.

What questions to ask tarot cards?

You can ask anything that bothers you in your life — your feelings, family, job, money, friends, or whatnot. However, if you want your tarot reading session to run smoothly and effectively, prepare for it a bit. First, think about your questions. What do you want to know? Formulate it in your head or better — write that down. After that, think if your question is too vague or too complicated. If it is, try to divide it and make it more specific. Anyway, you’ll at least have 3 cards for an in-depth tarot reading. That’s why it’s better to have a minimum of 3 questions asked in chronological order.

To get an accurate tarot reading, it’s necessary to ask effective questions. This is what you should do to receive a clear answer from tarot experts:

  • Ask a direct question connected with the current situation, not something abstract.
  • Consider the past, present, and future. A tarot spread will show what caused a particular issue, what’s happening right now, and what to expect or how to act next.
  • Don’t repeat the same question. Of course, an online tarot reading can disappoint you, but it doesn’t mean that something will change if you ask about the situation over and over again. Just accept the answer and try to gain insight that will help you get through this or even transform obstacles for the best.
  • When asking questions about a relationship, involve issues concerning both partners. You might like the idea of getting to know what your sweetheart thinks from a tarot card reader but it’s better to concentrate on your couple.
  • Don’t hope to receive a medical diagnosis or explanation when you’re going to die from fortune telling because a tarot deck isn’t a doctor or calendar. It’s better to ask how you can improve your health or what to consider to do so.
  • Go further than a yes- or no question. It’s up to you which way to choose. Give a tarot deck a room for showing its power to indicate the direction for your life path.
  • Come up with general questions. It’s totally Ok if you don’t have an exact subject to ask about. Tarot readings may include messages that will help you see the entire picture or what you should know right now.
  • Try to find answers to open-ended questions. You can ask psychic mediums for online tarot reading about your career or what is happening in your private life. Chances are you’ll receive unexpected information that will help you refocus or look at things that were escaping your attention.

Use the tips above to get the most accurate readings and gain insight into any sphere.

What are the types of tarot spreads?

Experienced psychics use different tarot spreads. Here are the most common ones:

  • One card spread. This variant is the simplest and it can be a part of your daily routine if you’re interested in free tarot reading. You’ll get an understanding of what to expect today.
  • Three-card spread. It symbolizes your Past, Present, and Future. A tarot card reader will give you an entire picture of the progress of the situation.
  • Five-card spread. There are a few variations of this online tarot reading. It symbolizes the Past, the Present, the Future, the Known, the Unknown. Notice that top psychic readers may also have different interpretations of these tarot cards.
  • Celtic cross tarot spread. It involves 10 cards and represents the Present, the Past, the Future, challenges, the best outcome, foundation, and other aspects of the situation.

It’s up to you which tarot spread to choose for spiritual readings. Your choice should be based on your obstacles or you can rely on psychic advisors.

What can you get from an online tarot reading?

Online tarot card reading has many advantages. You should give it a try because of the following reasons:

  • Free tarot reading. Many psychics offer non-paid minutes and other discounts.
  • Timely advice. You can contact an online reader whenever you need to find an answer to a disturbing question.
  • Easy access. It doesn’t matter where you’re based because it’s possible to get online tarot readings from famous tarot experts during a video call.
  • Cheaper sessions. Using online tarot offers is often a cost-effective decision.

As you can see, online tarot card reading is a nice alternative to a real-life meeting with a medium. It’s a handy instrument to know your destiny.

Should you opt for a tarot reading?

Tarot card reading is a great way to get the answers to the questions that are bothering you. It’s like someone guides you and gives advice on the most important issues in your life. Lots of sites have free trials, so you can try to use them at zero cost and only then decide if you want to get more. What’s your opinion on online tarot card reading? Do you think it’s a good method to improve your life? If you’re now on the stage of life when you need answers and guidance, try tarot online.


Are tarot cards real?

There’s still no certain answer to this question. What’s certain for sure is that tarot cards reading is gaining popularity each day. The same goes for online tarot cards. And that proves this kind of divination works as people tend to refer to it more.

The world is facing more and more issues. Social and governmental crisis, lack of emotional comfort, global well-being pandemic. People are seeking help. And while all business meetings, conferences, and even parties crowded to Zoom and Skype, why would tarot readings not do the same?

Many people claim live tarot reading online is real, and they get the answers they were looking for. Others perceive them as a way to self-reflect and find the solutions inside. Anyway, an image from a card is transferred to your consciousness, and it can’t but influence you and your life.

How accurate tarot card readings are?

People have little control of their lives as there are endless possibilities of how every scenario can develop. It’s always a matter of choice. That’s why it’s difficult to answer how accurate the cards are as it depends on many factors. Your mindset and attitude are the key ones here. If your way of thinking resonates with the very essence of tarot reading, you’ll perceive it as a tool or a compass that can help you find a way out from the dead-end you’ve faced.

If you’re ready to try hard to look for positive outcomes in your life and take responsibility for what you do, you can’t help but benefit from what tarot readers online have to offer. To put it differently, if you want the cards to work for you, you’ll have to work for yourself. Tarot reading can’t seek opportunities and catch them. You can. Cards can only direct you.

What do tarot card readings tell you?

Every card has its various meanings. For example, a card of lovers represents a woman and a man with no clothes below an angel. His name is “God heals” which means curing of the soul and body. There’s also an apple tree and a snake — symbols of temptations and satisfaction in tarot reading. There are other symbols like a volcano, flames with their own interpretations.

Besides, there’s always a guidebook with explanations. For instance, lovers’ tarot card upright meaning is affection, balance, communication with people, life choices, decisions. Reversed meaning — pride, arrogance, disbalance, rejection. Thus, tarot reading interpretations are endless. It’s always safer to rely on professionals who have special skills and training.

How much does a tarot reading cost?

Typically, the cost of tarot card readings varies, depending on a medium’s experience and other aspects. Many fortune tellers offer free tarot reading for the first few minutes, while the next payment is around $2 per minute.

Do tarot readings online work?

Online tarot card readings don’t actually differ from offline tarot reading. Ask a question in a video call or via a live chat, and you’ll receive the interpretation and advice.

How often should you do tarot reading?

An optimal period between online tarot readings is one month.

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