I recently got the Deck of the Bastard because I really love an antique feel to my tarot decks and I love the mixing of Etteilla’s Book of Thoth tarot as well as the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot among a couple others. And I will say that the card stock used is amazing, it is nice playing poker card stock, but the print job was sorely lacking. If you hold a card far away, sure it looks ok, but tarot is supposed to be looked at in close quarters, you and or your client are supposed to look closely as the image and gain wisdom from it… But, and it’s a huge but, the cards look blurry. There are places the cards look pixilated but mostly it just looks blurry. Printed line-work is not supposed to look blurry. And for the $69 price point, I feel all the money went towards the card stock and not the print job. Honestly I wish it was the other way around because I can just get tarot-sized card protector sleeves when card stock is thin. If you are gonna charge that much money for a deck, the print job had better be good.

I have Lo Scarabeo’s version of Etteilla’s Book of Thoth tarot deck and the line work is amazing! The only thing is it is all in French, and well, I don’t speak French. That is why I got The Deck of the Bastard, because it has the keywords and card names in English.

I won’t be buying anything from Tarot by Seven anymore. After I placed my order, I also found out at least one of the people that runs Tarot by Seven is someone who believes in declawing cats and has done so to their own cat and is very against criticism. So, that plus the sorely lacking print job is the reason I will no longer shop at Tarot by Seven.

And to tarot deck creators out there:

If you are going to have a hefty price point for your deck, make sure that not only is the card stock amazing, but also the print job is immaculate. That line work better be on point. No one wants to spend over $50 on a deck that is pixilated and or blurry, and or has a paper-like card stock or a thin card stock. If you are gonna have an expensive price point on your deck, it better be worth that price point, cuz I can get mass produced tarot decks for half if not less than half and those decks will have on point line work and decent card stock. You want us to pay that much for your deck, do better.

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