Garbage Pail Kids, the 1980s trading card sensation, announces a surprising return as a card of a different sort with a wacky deck of tarot cards.

The Garbage Pail Kids are no longer just sticker trading cards for grade-schoolers — they’ve now been transformed into a vivid interpretation of a traditional tarot card deck.

The Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) announced its Garbage Pail Kids: The Official Tarot Deck and Guidebook by asking fans to “bring the wacky and weird world of GPK into your tarot practice with this illustrated deck inspired by the iconic trading cards!” The company touted the brand’s “gross-out humor, sharp wit, and amazing artwork” and said GPK fans will enjoy “seeing fresh interpretations of classic characters such as Adam Bomb, Spacey Stacy, Rob Slob, and more.” The deck will also include “all-new exclusive” additions to the GPK roster.

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All 78 cards featuring the complete major and minor arcana have been “conceptualized and stunningly painted” by artist Miran Kim, and her mashup of GPK with traditional tarot archetypes has led to some truly bizarre and beautiful creations. In one explosive example, she took Kid “Adam Bomb,” who in the first GPK series had a nuclear explosion coming out of his skull, and turned him into “The Emperor” tarot card. As is tradition for The Emperor, Adam Bomb sits on a throne atop a mountain, carries an ankh and wears a king’s robe. However, Kim kept Adam Bomb’s exploding skull and turned the mushroom cloud over his head into a colorful crown. The detailed guidebook features 128 pages explaining the meaning behind each card and instructions on simple readings.

This unique GPK mashup joins another recent crossover for the Kids. In April, Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs — another iconic 80s “gross-out” property — announced a comic book collaboration in which the two groups of irreverent characters go to war. Carlos Villagra, creative director on the project, spoke about the joy of working with the retro brands. “Growing up with these gross, wacky, nasty brands in the 80s, and then being able to bring them to life through an awesome collaboration with Dynamite — the whole experience has really been a dream come true.”

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The Garbage Pail Kids began as a lurid parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids, but over the years, the property has continued to renew itself in different mediums. In 2014, the Garbage Pail Kids received a comic book adaptation as an anthology of loosely connected stories from various writers and artists in the industry. HBO Max picked the Garbage Pail Kids up for an animated series in 2019, though there’s been little word since on the details.

The Garbage Pail Kids: The Official Tarot Deck and Guidebook from Simon & Schuster launches on August 9, 2022, and is currently available for preorder from Barnes&Noble, Walmart, Target, Amazon, or wherever books are sold.

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