Human beings are emotional creatures, and this aspect of their nature dictates their character and behavioral traits in life. Very few human beings are devoid of any form of emotion regardless of their status in society.

Even the highly intellectual succumb to emotions at different times in their lives. However, emotions are varied and can overwhelm one, creating a sense of negativity or uncertainty just as they can be positive and uplifting. So, how do you get a firm grip on your emotions positively?

Tarot reading

Sometimes it requires a little outside help to decipher our emotions and get our feelings in perspective. Have you ever thought of visiting a psychic and getting an interpretation of your emotions? Perhaps this is the time to consult a psychic either in person or online at to unravel your emotional mystery.

However, how can tarostrology help in understanding and mastering your emotions? The last card in the suit of cups in the tarot deck has the Knight of Cups, a card that symbolizes emotions, devotion, and passion. A careful reading of this card can help you understand the emotional situation you could be in and shed clarity going forward.

Your feelings for someone else

You could be overwhelmed with emotions towards someone you met recently and greatly confused. Your confusion could arise from mixed signals by the other party or your indecision. If you are wondering if the person is suitable for a relationship or whether they are even right for you, then perhaps it’s time to go for a tarot reading.

At the tarot reading, drawing the Knight of Cups card can help you get a clearer picture of the person you seek. The card will show if the two of you are compatible or soulmates ready to embark on a quest for love. The Knight of Cups card stands for positive vibes and proactive tendencies in pursuit of emotional fulfillment.

The Knight of Cups drawn upright

The presentation of the tarot card is also an indicator of a different interpretation of your reading. When the Knight of Cups is drawn upright, it brings positive tidings. It is an indication that you will be receiving something exciting such as a gift or a hoped-for proposal in a relationship. The card could also signal a prompt to act on your current feelings and intuition.

The Knight of Cups may also indicate an approaching encounter with a possible soulmate. This indication should prepare you to be on the lookout for this possibility and be ready to express yourself to the new love. Understand that a knight represents action and the message in these cards requires you to act proactively.

The Knight of Cups in reverse

Dealt in reverse, the Knight of Cups card could signal bad news or negative traits. The bad news is unfortunate, and there is nothing you can do about it except prepare yourself mentally. However, you can do something about negative traits if these are identified during the tarot reading.

The most notable traits under this card include procrastination, alcoholism, irresponsibility, pursuit of unrealistic dreams, and isolation. These are negative traits that you can strive to correct and become a better you in the future.

Knight of Cups as master of feelings

The Knight of Cups card denotes someone’s true feelings and gives forth warmth and trust. If you draw this card, it means that you are emotionally balanced or are capable of strong feelings. However, being a knight, you are expected to take action where these feelings come up and not suppress them.

As a symbol of love, the Knight of Cups is open to all. It is how you drink from this cup that will make the difference.

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