My first draw. Fitting! : tarot

I received this deck as a birthday present about a week ago. I’ve been reading, researching, looking at the art, and just getting to know the deck. I finally drew my first card, just to meditate on, and drew Temperance! From what I’ve read, and how I feel about the card’s images and history, I think the message is experimenting, exploring, practicing, and healing. I’m rather pleased/relieved that the card I drew first is about discovery! Plus, it’s just gorgeous! Source link

Tarotscopes: tarot readings for all star signs for astrological month of Taurus

Welcome to Taurus season and your readings for 20th April to 20th May. I’ve used the Spacious Tarot this month and there seems to be a common theme for many of the signs, around making time to reflect and considering our values. As always, take what feels helpful and leave what doesn’t – it might be useful to read all of the ’scopes before deciding whether your sun sign is the most relevant one for you this month. I’m a tarot reader not an astrologer so the universe’s message for you might have ended up in the wrong place! I […]